This application will take you from 30-60 minutes to complete. You have to write 5 short and descriptive paragraphs. We are currently accepting applications for our SPRING Semester 2018!
What is your full name? *

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What is your highest level of education? Please list all career training, college experience and/or degree(s). *

Which scholarship are you interested in applying for? *

Which courses are you interested in registering for? *

Please note the following requirements:
- If applying for the Rachel K. Cardoza Scholarship, you must select C and F only.
- If applying for the Michael Cardoza Holistic Health Professional Scholarship you must select D, E, or F only.
- If applying for the Genevieve Vieira Holistic Healing Scholarship, you must select A, B, or C only.

Are you available to commit to 2-4 hours per week for each course you are applying for and 5-10 additional hours every month of virtual or in person volunteering? *

In a short, descriptive paragraph, explain your purpose for applying for this scholarship. *

In a short, descriptive paragraph, explain how you will be an asset to Pleiadian Institute. *

Our courses meet online, and we meet every semester for in person retreats. Share how you, as a student plan to shine your light and give your best :)
Describe your financial situation and how a scholarship will help you to reach your goals. *

In a short, descriptive paragraph, explain a transformative moment in your own healing journey. *

In a short, descriptive paragraph, explain your vision for how you see yourself serving the world in ten years with the knowledge and experience you gain from enrolling in Pleiadian Institute.* *

In a short, descriptive paragraph, explain your specific interest and or knowledge about the course(s) you are interested in receiving a scholarship for. *

We are currently accepting the first round of Scholarship Applications for the SPRING Semester 2018 through November 20, 2017. Submission of this form indicates your commitment to the course, additional time required for research evaluations & volunteering. To complete your scholarship application, check the Yes box! All Scholarship AWARD Letters for our first round of Spring Scholarships will be delivered by November 30, 2017. *

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